Adopt a Cat

and find

your best friend

Why should you adopt a cat? Because adopting saves lives! When you adopt a cat, you save the life of the cat you adopt and the life of another cat in need of shelter and care, such as what we provide at the Chico Cat Coalition

Take Home An Adult Cat

Adult cats are the puuuurfect companion for so many reasons. First of all, you know their personality – kittens can grow into different personalities, but with adult cats, you know what you’re getting! Older cats are also less messy, less destructive, and much calmer. This doesn’t mean they’re not playful and loving, though! Adopting an older cat might be a cat’s last chance at a loving home, because many times older cats get overlooked in lieu of their kitten compatriots. Older cats at our shelter come to us for myriad reasons – they may be abandoned, they may have outlived their previous owners, or have been separated from their families. Give an adult cat a second chance at an emotionally stable, warm, and loving family.

Adoptable Cats for You