Eliot Beauregard

Eliot Beauregard
Meet Eliot Beauregard, French for “handsome gaze.”
Eliot was voted by his classmates for best eyes, best dressed, mostly likely to attend CalTech and most charming. Eliot is incredibly handsome, super smart, and so personable. He’s super extroverted, loves his people and is quite happy having his belly scratched.
He’s all one-year-old cat and is always ready to chase a feather toy, laser dot and best of all….a piece of twine! He loves to chatter at birds and squirrels jumping around in the yard.
He is not bothered by much – vacuum cleaners, running water (he actually loves to drink from the sink), or ceiling fans.
This boy is all charm and sass and loves to cuddle into your neck or stretch long over your lap after a long play session. He likes to talk back to you and will follow you wherever you walk. When he’s not napping, of course.
Eliot is currently looking for his furrrrever home: one without other cats or dogs. Eliot, for all his wonderful charms, is looking for a home that will adore him as the sole pet of the family (he’d probably be okay with fish and geckos and turtles). His current foster family tried very hard to introduce him to their dog, and Eliot wasn’t having it. He is CAT!
He’s still very young, about a year old or so, with a lot of young kitty energy. He loves people and pets and the occasional snuggle, but is generally quite busy being a teenager and playing as much as possible.
Could Eliot be a good pet for you? PleaseĀ  send us a message if you’re interested in meeting him!