Adoption Story: Guinness!

 In fall of 2020, our sweet little kitty Danny (now “Guinness”) met his furrrrreevr home! He went to two of the most wonderful adopters we’ve ever met…and here’s his story! 1. Name of your cat: Arthur Guinness Ziggy Powers (but he goes by Guinness or Guinn-Bin) 2. When did you adopt him/her: August of 2020 3. […]


Amber’s Adoption Story

Sweet little Pixie Moonbeam, originally Amber, has a wonderful new home! Amber came to us as a young kitten, and her adoptive mom fell in love with her as soon as she laid eyes on her at the shelter. “I just can’t stop thinking about her!” she said. It was a match made in kitty […]


Open Hours at the Chico Cat Coalition!

As of October, we are now hosting Open Hours at the CCC! Every Saturday from 10 a.m. to noon, the shelter will be open to the public! We encourage any cat lovers out there to stop by to do any or all of the following: Take a tour of the shelter (did you know we […]