Since we’re headed back to double digits today, we thought it would be the perfect time to share a bit more about our exciting NEW AIR CONDITIONER! ❄💨 Can you tell we’re thrilled?!

Since the Chico Cat Coalition was formed in the late 90s, our cooling systems have consisted of fans, swamp coolers, cooling pads, and ice packs. That’s more than 25 years of no air conditioners! While cats are quite great at splooting on the nice cool cement, it’s just no fun for anybody when the temps get as high as they have in the last couple of years.

(Please note: we have always prioritized extreme care with our cats in these temperatures, doing multiple shelter checks throughout the day, replacing the ice packs, evaluating the cats, etc. The cats have always been safe and healthy. It has just been unfun for everyone! Sweaty volunteers galore, and definitely a less ideal situation for potential adopters to visit the shelter.)

So, last year, our amazing board and volunteers decided we were going to do something BIG: ask the community to help us purchase an air conditioner for the shelter. For our annual Moonlight Meows Online Auction, we asked CCC supporters to shop, bid, share, and tell everybody about our goal: raise $10,000 to help us pay for an air conditioner at the shelter. 

AND WOW. We are still blown away. In just a little over a week, we reached our goal! THANK YOU, CHICO COMMUNITY, and all others from far and wide who supported this amazing project. What an incredible, incredible gift!

Shortly after the auction ended in October, we began researching the best units, where to install them, who to install them with, what type of unit, etc. We ideally wanted one that could also warm things up in summer because our open-style shelter also gets pretty cold in winter.

In May of 2024, the wonderful Juan Carrillo, owner of Climate Wise in Chico, began work on the installation. There were some interesting installation challenges (such as temporarily removing the small catio to reach the roof) to make sure everything met requirements and could adequately cool and heat the shelter, but he persevered and got it done in amazing time! 

We were extremely impressed with how Juan and his employee Rick were very careful working around the loose cats, never leaving gates or doors open, and they were both very professional and kept the work areas clean so no debris would get near the cats.

And ta-da! May 24th marked the official first day of the A/C being installed and running!

Now what? Come on down to our next Open Shelter Hours to feel the A/C for yourself and visit our kitties! Thank you to all involved in this process—it takes a village and we’re so grateful for all fo you in it!