In late 2020, our darling Minxie found her furrrever home! This sweetie was a Camp Fire survivor and had been looking for her new family for nearly two years. Fortunately, she found hope in…Hope, her new Cat Mama!
Here’s what Hope shared about Minxie:
1. Name of your cat: Minxie
2. When did you adopt her:  I adopted her shortly before Christmas 2020
3. Why were you looking for a cat: I had recently lost my cat Yoshimi to cancer
4. What drew you to this cat in particular: she had a really nice personality, warm and friendly and appreciative of pettings.
5. What was cat’s name before and now: I kept the name Minxie
6. Why did you choose this name: She already knew herself as Minxie.
7. How has Minxie adjusted to the new adopted life?  It took a little while for her to adjust.  At first, she would hide most of the day, and startled easily.  Now she is calmer and hangs out with me while I am doing things around the house.
8. Does she fit in well with the family? She has limited experience beyond me and my boyfriend.  But she gets along well with us.
9. What are her favorite toys? Minxie is not that interested in toys.  She does enjoy her scratching pad, she really rips into it!
10. Favorite snacks? She adores INABA Churu wet puree treat.  She always demands that I put a squirt of it onto her dry food.
11. Toys/snacks/things she doesn’t like.  She does not get along with the cat who lives next door, but maybe she will in time. 😻