Sweet little Pixie Moonbeam, originally Amber, has a wonderful new home!

Amber came to us as a young kitten, and her adoptive mom fell in love with her as soon as she laid eyes on her at the shelter. “I just can’t stop thinking about her!” she said. It was a match made in kitty heaven. 😻

Three months since adoption, Pixie Moonbeam has made herself right at home and has started to show off her silly tuxedo tendencies. Currently, she likes:

  • Sitting on her mom’s lap — when she feels like it
  • Pate wet food, not chunks
  • Making bird sounds to wake up her hooman
  • Grey plush mouse and a tan ball (no other toys will do)
  • Burying snacks in mystery locations for later

We are so happy for Pixie Moonbeam and her mom, and can’t wait to hear more updates on her new life! 🐱🐈